Command Line Parameters

Specify a File

When starting SciDAVis from the command prompt, you can supply the name of a project file:

SciDAVis file_name.sciprj

Other file format are also accepted: .opj, .ogm, .ogw, .ogg for Origin projects, and .qti, qti.gz for Qtiplot projects.

The name can also refer to an ASCII file:

SciDAVis ASCII_file_name

In this latter case a new "untitled" project will be created, containing a spreadsheet with the ASCII data in the file and a 2D plot of all columns as a function of the first column in the file. You must take care of the format of the ASCII file because it will be read with the current parameters of the Import Ascii command dialog. The default values are:

  • the default field separator is ; but it can be changed in the Preferences command dialog,

  • all lines are read,

  • the first line is used to name the columns,

  • the spaces at the end of the lines are not removed,

  • the spaces are not simplified.

Command Line Options

Valid options are:

  • -a or --about: show about dialog and exit

  • -h or --help: show command line options

  • -l=XX or --lang=XX: start SciDAVis in language XX ('en', 'fr', 'de', ...)

  • -m or --manual: show SciDAVis manual in a standalone window

  • -v or --version: print SciDAVis version and release date

  • -x or --execute: execute the script file given as argument