Results, Log Window
Arrows and Lines
Add an arrow/line, The Graph Menu


Calculator (see Note)
Assign formula, Filling of a table with the values of a function.
Command line parameters
Options, Command Line Options
Specify a File, Specify a File
Curve analysis
Curve filtering, Filtering of data curves
Band pass FFT, FFT band pass filter
Block pass FFT, FFT block band filter
High pass FFT, FFT high pass filter
Low pass FFT, FFT low pass filter
Curve fitting
Bolzmann function, Fitting to a Bolzmann function
Gaussian function, Fitting to a Gauss function
line, Fitting to a line
Lorentz function, Fitting to a Lorentz function
Multi peak, Multi-Peaks fitting
Non linear function, Non Linear Curve Fit
Polynomial, Fitting to a polynomial
FFT, Fast Fourier Transform
Integration, Commands for the analysis of curves in plots
interpolation, Interpolation


Export to text file, The File Menu


Filtering (see Curve analysis)


Histograms, Histograms


Log Window, Log Window


Matrix, General Concepts and Terms, Matrix
Create a new matrix, The File Menu
Fill with a function, The Matrix Menu
Multilayers plot, Multilayer Plots
Add a new layer, The Graph Menu
Organize the layers, The Graph Menu


Note, Note


2D plot, Changing default 2D plot options
Application, The Edit Menu


Percentile, Customization of box plots
Plot, General Concepts and Terms, Plot Window, 2D X-Y plots
Add a curve, The Graph Menu
Axis, The Format Menu
Change default options, Modification of default options
Create a new plot, The File Menu
Create from data, 2D plot from data.
Create from function, 2D plot from function.
Create with the assistant, The View Menu
Error bars, The Graph Menu
Grids, The Format Menu
Layer, Plot Window
Options for pie-plots, Formatting of pie plots
Options for vector-plots, Formatting of vector plots
pie-plots, Pie plots
Plot a function, The Graph Menu
Remove a curve, The Graph Menu
Scales, The Format Menu
secondary axis, 2D plot from data.
Settings, The Format Menu
Title, The Format Menu
vector-plots, Vectors plots
Plot details
Layer options, Options for the layer
Options for lines and symbols, Custom curves for data series
Specification of X and Y series, Custom curves for data series
Project Explorer, The Project Explorer


Scripting, Scripting
MuParser, muParser
Python, Python
Mathematical functions, Mathematical Functions
Statistical Plot
Box plots, Box plots
Histograms, Histograms
Statistical plots, Statistical plots
Surface plot, 3D plots
Axis, The Format Menu
Create a new surface plot, The File Menu
Create from data, 3D plot from a matrix
Create from function, Direct 3D plot from a function
Default options, Changing default 3D plot options
Options, Customization of a 3D plot
Scales, The Format Menu
Settings, The Format Menu
Title, The Format Menu


Table, General Concepts and Terms, Tables
Assign formula, Tables
Fill with values, The Table Menu
Create a new table, The File Menu
Labels, Tables
Number format, Tables
normalize columns, Tables
sort columns, Tables
Table analysis
Convolution, Convolution of functions
Correlation function, Correlation and autocorrelation
Deconvolution, Deconvolution
Text label
Add a text label, The Graph Menu
Properties, Adding a text label